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Let s go get some more information on this Don t get stuck under a rock Give us a call Did the y just call me a rock 27 66 168 8649 www neumarketing co za Creative Agency

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What is a digital Brochure A digital brochure is an electronic version of a printed brochure typically in the form of a PDF document or interactive website It is used to provide information about a product service or organization in an easy to read format that can be accessed and viewed on a computer or mobile device Digital brochures can include text images videos and links to other websites or resources They can also be interactive and include forms quizzes and other interactive elements d use l u o h s y you h w s n ure h c o Reaso r al b a digit Analytics or Data data data When your physical brochure gets handed out you have no way of tracking who you are handing it to or which of those people were actually interested With a digital brochure you know everything from how much time is spent on which page who is clicking any of the links where they are from and who is returning to view your brochure again Save the planet It s Available 24 7 Digital brochures are not limited to the stall where sticky fingers can ruin them or where they end up in every car wash s bin to be forgotten forever They are available to view online at any given time of the day great for those late night online shoppers Easy to update Made a typo Petrol price went up again so you have to adjust your pricing No problem you don t need to reprint a gazillion brochures or hope that Karen makes you charge her the price displayed on the old brochure Update your online brochure at any time We both know you care So save the planet you don t need the chemicals in ink and you don t need the tree to be cut down be a modern tree hugger and save the planet while saving yourself a lot of money on printing costs It s easy to share Digital brochures make it extremely easy to share with friends and family this is the easiest way to spread the word without having to worry about misplacing an A5 brochure or accidentally using it to put your cup on so you don t leave a water ring on your table

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